Sunday, 25 January 2009

Freebie: Jolly Holidays Page Kit

Here's the preview of the kit that I've been working on lately. I want to try to make two kits every month this year - one for SNL and another one extra.
Would be great if you could leave a short message if you like the kit!
And here are a few layouts that I've already done with the kit:

I can't believe I did it!

Wow, one of those "I can't believe this is working" moments. I've got my own blog now!

It's far from finished, ladies (and gentlemen), but it's a start. And as soon as I find out now how to add links and slideshows aso. I'll give away the Scrapbooking Page Kit that I just finished and that I used to do this page's (still very basic) design.


This is my first attempt for having my own scrapbooking blog. So please be patient with me, it might take a while until everything looks the way I want it to look!!