Sunday, 14 June 2009

Get framed!

Okay, it's a bit of a lame title. But I've got something for you and I'm so excited about it that I can't wait until tonight to give it away!

Here is one of those element sets that you'll be using over and over again: Basic bent frames!

And because I like them so much myself, I made SEVEN basic frames. And for your convenience I've added them with shadows, without shadows and in a beige paper version. Isn't that great?

(Preview only shows the white frames with shadows.)

So download them and leave some love if you like them!

Did I mention that there is more? I also made a layout with these frames that you can download as a layered Photoshop template AND as a quick click (for those with other programms):

And here's a quick layout that I did with the template (just to give you an idea). The background paper is from a past SNL kit, the brushes on the paper are from 500ml brushes.

It's been a while but here we go!

May was a very busy month for me, in a very good way. My parents in law came all the way from South Africa to visit us for a bit more than two weeks. Which resulted in extreme-sightseeing here in Austria with a short trip to Italy and two daytrips to Germany. So not much time left for hanging around in front of the computer. I did start making a whole album of their visit, but it's not finished yet.

After they returned home safely I went to Vienna for a week for work (we took part in an exhibition there). It was strenuous but I also had some time to meet up with friends and stroll around the city.

Today I'll have to get out of the house as it's the most beautiful summer day you can imagine, BUT before I do that I still wanted to publish the link to my "Extraordinary Page Kit" (that you can see in the post below).

I gave it away as a freebie at the SNL birthday chat already, but it wasn't downloaded that often. I'm currently working on some more elements that go with the kit (I just love the bright and fun colors).

AND tonight I'll post another freebie, which is just about finished (I always become VERY creative when I ought to do housework :-)).

So have fun with my "Extraordinary Page Kit"!