Friday, 10 April 2009

Springtime and project 365

It's hard to believe that within two weeks it turned from brrr...still snow to 25 degrees in the afternoon: I love spring, always have. When you live in a country where winter might last from November until March you start craving for some sunshine and warmth and for wearing short sleeve T-Shirts. Well, I do. It's on purpose that I didn't mention the smell of cow dung wafting through my window, there has to be SOME downside ...

What's new except that I enjoyed the sun instead of making some freebies? I've got a new mobile phone. And I need to brag about it, because it's not just simply a phone but it's the latest (in Austria anyway) Cyber-shot phone. Which will allow me from now on to take photos anytime anyplace (too much trouble to carry my camera around all the time).

And therefore I've decided I'll try to take part in "Project 365" at DSP:

I think other sites call it PAD - photo a day.

I felt like the first three month of this year passed so quickly. Often enough when someone asks me what I did last weekend I have to think hard before I remember. So I'll try to take one picture at least every single day from now on and then make weekly (or monthly) layouts and post them in the DSP gallery for the project.

So one day I can look at all the small, everyday things - and remember.

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  1. I just started doing this as well based on some DSP templates. I find it easier to do when I have selected a template at the start of the week and then I journal every few days to keep up.