Friday, 24 July 2009

Yes I am kinda busy

I just wanted to leave a line or two here that I'm still alive and kickin' although I couldn't provide any nice freebies lately (I will again, SOON). In my OTHER life (yes, the real one) my husband and me have started looking for our first flat (or house if anything affordable comes up). As we live in a very touristy area the economy crisis didn't have any impact on the real estate market so far. Everything is awfully expensive and there's not that much around to buy anyway. So I spend most of my time going through newspapers and searching real estate homepages ... (Most of you have been there I guess ...)

I really enjoyed scrapping lately (as opposed to "designing") and I found a great page with adorable kits and weekly challenges:

For a challenge there I also tried my first "altered art" layout. Which is quite different from the type of layouts I normally do. See for yourself:

I promise to be back with some freebies soon!

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